Current version: 1.9.9Components



Variable property value desc.
$tooltip-arrow-size size rem(5px) tooltip arrow size
$tooltip-bg background-color rgba($black, .8) tooltip background-color
$tooltip-color color $white tooltip color
$tooltip-space-between-content size $mg--xs space between tooltip and content
$tooltip-width width 10rem tooltip width
$tooltip-large-width width 20rem large tooltip width
$tooltip-pd padding $pd--s tooltip padding

Default tooltip

<p>Default <strong class="has-tooltip" aria-label="Classic tooltip">tooltip</strong></p>


Tooltip on the top

<p>Tooltip <strong class="has-tooltip has-tooltip--top" aria-label="Tooltip on the top">on the top</strong></p>

Tooltip on the right

<p>Tooltip <strong class="has-tooltip has-tooltip--right" aria-label="Tooltip on the right">on the right</strong></p>

Tooltip on the bottom

<p>Tooltip <strong class="has-tooltip has-tooltip--bottom" aria-label="Tooltip on the bottom">on the bottom</strong></p>

Tooltip on the left

<p>Tooltip <strong class="has-tooltip" aria-label="Tooltip on the left">on the left</strong></p>


Bigger tooltip

<p>Bigger <strong class="has-tooltip has-tooltip--l has-tooltip--right" aria-label="Bigger tooltip for longer text, you know. Because longer text are more significants, because they contains more words, because they're more significants">tooltip</strong></p>